Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Venture

Hey everyone,

         I have a new gig, I have started writing for an online publication called the Examiner. I could use a little support and in return the recipes will be plentiful. I am required to write at least 3 times per week and the more I write the better it is for me. I will be posting the recipes on the blog to increase traffic, in addition the article's link will be posted on the recipe blog. My aim is to educate people on food and beer pairings. The version of Examiner I am writing for is localized (Arlington, VA), but that doesn't mean that everyone can't learn and reap the benefits of some tasty dishes. Here is the link for the first article. I did not include it in the last post because I wasn't officially live at the time. Thanks in advance for your support.



  1. Hey John, Congratulations! You need to insert the link so you can just click on it to go to your articles. Mona

  2. Pretty cool. I enjoyed the article. I look forward to reading the future articles. I'm teachable.

  3. that i a great idea Mona, thank you, it takes just as long to blast it as does to write it