Friday, January 14, 2011


        On a recent run around the neighborhood I realized that it is as cold as a witches tit(pardon my out of date metaphor for the severity of the temperature). Couple that with a walk through the store and you have my arrival at this weeks BEER:30. Since Little Rock's winter is just starting it seems appropriate we drink the Winter Welcome. I look forward to the coming of this beer every year. Samuel Smith always pleases in my opinion. 

     As the beer hit the glass I noticed quit a bit of carbonation. Lots of tiny bubbles flying to the top to create an off white head with medium density. It has a nice light amber color with hints of golden hue. The aroma that this beer gives off is not what you or i would expect from a winter welcomer. Apricot leads the way on the nose following with caramel malts. All in all this beer is fruity, I get a little stewed cherry along with the apricot. All of that fruit carries into my first taste, but it is transformed by a creaminess almost like a curd of apricot. The malt and hops are balanced to give a slight grilled lemon characteristic to this beer. The toasty malt gives that caramelized citrus flavor and the bitterness of the hops offer that of the citrus itself. Winter Welcome finishes crisp and dry. It is not your typical winter beer and I think that is why I like it so much. Thank you Samuel Smith for offering something different, and breaking the monotony of the normal winter beer. It's a long season and it can get tiresome drinking the same style over and over. 

Well, I am going to the couch to finish this beer comfortably, then it is off to bed. I have an early run of around 15 cold trail miles, i just hope thoughts of the Winter Welcome warms enough to stay out of ice cube status.


  1. Very nice review. Thanks for the beer tip. I can't wait to try it. Do they serve it at Damgoode Pies?

  2. Well Leonard, I called down there and I couldn't get an answer. I know it is usually at the flying saucer. I hope you get your hands on one, it sure is delisious.