Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Run

Pinnacle Mountain from afar 

This will be a quick post. It's getting late and I am in need of a shower. I split my run today, not on purpose but it happened to work great. I'm thinking of doing this more often. My number one agenda is to share the pictures I took on the earlier run/snow climb. A while back I was talking to man on the trail. We were swapping stories of running and trips up Pinnacle. I was climbing Pinnacle 3 to 5 times a week at that time. He mentioned that he made the accent to 1,020 feet,  In every weather condition. The man went on to list; 110 degrees. 20 degrees, stormy weather, perfect weather and snow. I was not aware that his story stuck with me until this afternoon. Seeing the snow accumulate, and reading my favorite running blog, Riding the Wind. I was immediately jolted with energy. Nothing pumps me up to run more than reading Anton Krupicka's blog "Riding The Wind".  I realized I have never ascended pinnacle in the snow and since I'm leaving Little Rock in March, it was a no brainer. I jumped up filled my bottle with water, put on some warm gear and headed out to shovel my way up the court. I live on a 12% graded hill.  It was not easy, once I got to the base of the accent, footing was a guesstimate. It took 34 minutes to summit, my fastest time is 13 minutes. Heading down took about 22 minutes, with my fastest time being 9 minutes to get to the trail head. The trip around was a normal 12 to 13 minutes. For the condition I was pleased, although I'm sure that my time could be beat with another shot. Today was a great day for running, the trail was beautiful, the weather was brisk and clean. As for my evening run, all that I can say is, "I had the road to myself." Check back tomorrow, I am making eggplant lasagna for dinner and would love to share the recipe with you.

                                             This is looking down from the base of the summit.
                                                Looking up at the base of the summit.

  The view from the top.

Heading down


over looking the valley
what could beat this

A foot in the deep snow


  1. Nice job. Hope you inspire those around you.

  2. From your grandmother: YOU RAN IN THE SNOW IN SHORTS??? Great blog today, John. Makes me want to be young enough to do this. Run in the snow for me.

  3. Beautiful photos babe. Wish I was there to share that with you. Oh wish I was there to eat some eggplant lasagna. Awesome blog post. :)