Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cooking Up The First Run

Hello world ! John Leonardis here. Recently I have had many changes in life. I transitioned from 12 years of working in the busy restaurant industry to a more relaxed career and way of life. With this change came the realization that I love things other than cooking. What started as being outdoors in the woods hiking turned into a little jogging here and there. A little over a year ago I ran my first 5K race. Since then I have been able to build my running miles up to doing 50K ultra runs. With this addiction I have set a new goal. To run my first 100 mile race by the time I am 32 (in 3 years.) With this new goal I would like to take you along for the run.

As a reader, the question you are probably asking yourself is "What do you have to offer me in return for all of my support?" It's simple.With all this running I am noticing how much diet effects your running. As a chef, I have become accustomed to eating food that always tastes good, but may not be the best fuel for a run ( i.e. fatty foods.) To remedy that problem, I have been tweaking all of my favorite dishes to make them more healthier and I would like to share them with you. I will be posting weekly healthy dishes for the health conscious runner or anyone for anyone who is looking for healthy recipes in their diet.

 Along with the "Weekly fuel" segment of healthy recipes. I will bring to you in a frosty mug of course, weekly beer reviews and food pairings.

Here are some other tastes of what to expect all my journey to 100miles ultra run:
  • training posts
  • race reports
  • cheat meals worth eating
  • video recipes(in the future)
  • product reviews
  • and any other thoughts i may have
Thank you in advance for stopping by and please leave your comments. I would love to provide any knowlege I have and if you have any questions or comments...please don't be shy. This is a place to learn, learn and live a healthy lifestyle withough sacrificing the true flavors of food. Well,I am off for a run, but tune in on friday for the first beer review. 

Good Talk,


  1. You have motivated me to set a new goal. I want to run a half marathon.

  2. Well, I hope to be there on that day. To cross the line with you.

  3. woot! And I hope to help you drink the post run beers. Good luck mate, i'm off to register BeerBikeBeer ;)

  4. okay, John, this blog here looks pretty promising.

    btw, I don't mind fat too much-- i'm too skinny as it is, and sometimes, my problem is overcoming calorie deficit.

    when i oversee my wife watching cooking shows, i'm struck that it's this frenetic high-pressure job. kind of like mine. enjoy the modified lifestyle!

  5. Looking forward to reading more!!

  6. Mark I will keep that in mind when i write all my recipe.s I am sure a lot of people that are putting in the miles are having trouble with the calorie deficit.

    Thank you all for stopping by with support on the first post, its a real confidence booster. I will do my best to keep it interesting.

  7. ill be following now too as well!! glad i stumbled across this on facebook..hope you would have invited me if i hadnt!! very cool john very cool :) love you and miss you