Friday, November 26, 2010


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I feel like being lazy today, but that won't stop me from  delivering the "Beer :30" this Friday. My beverage of choice, a Sierra Nevada "Celebration". The celebration is a fresh hop ale that hits on all parts of the pallete.

The Nose:
Right out of the gate I am excited pouring the beer. It pours a dark honey color with a nice tan head that is dense, frothy and creamy. At first it has an immediate piney smell with floral notes (something that most fresh hop ales have.) As my nose dips deeper into the glass and I put on my serious hat,  I am greeted with a grilled citrus aroma. Could these aromas get any better? The anwer is yes. That citrus smell turns to a roasted honey with a hint of malted toffee. Wow! I havent even taken a sip yet...I can't imagine what lies ahead with the taste.
The Taste:
The first sip lets me know that I was not imagining things, especially with the grilled citrus. The pronounced hops are nicley balanced by that creaminess and the hint of toffee that those malts are bringing to the table. The celebration finshes long and strong but the parity leaves you wanting more.
The Pairing:
 While enjoying my celebration I was doing a little munching, and it just happened to work out beautifully. I reccommend the following: cook a 92% lean buffalo burger, topped it with a piece of smoked white cheddar, roasted onions and substitute that french fry craving with some roasted sweet potatoes. You can accompany this burger with an argula salad ( mine was locally gown in  Mrs. Libby's garden )dressed with grilled lemon and olive.Yummy! stay tuned for those recipes on monday.

CookRunBeer say's
Pour it, Drink it, and Enjoy it.

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