Friday, January 7, 2011

BEER:30 ISSUE #3 Infinium by Sam Adams and Weihenstephan

I would like to start off by first apologizing for being away for so long. I realize that no one will come back to read this blog if I don't write anything. Problem noted and deemed correctible. Now to the meat and potatoes of this post. About 30 minuets ago I cracked an Infinium, this is a collaboration between Jim Koch of Samuel Adams, and Josef Schradler of Weihenstephan(the oldest brewery in the world). I love, love, love this beer. The color, the head, the taste, the aroma. Everything about this beer is exciting, regardless of what all the snobby single, ponytail wearing beer snobs on rate beer think. Rate Beer gave this a 87 score, I disagree. Side note; Rate beer is a wonderful site, it is my go to rating site when we are purchasing beer for the store, all hail rate beer!

Now, what do I think and why do I recommend this beer? As the beer hits the glass I immediately notice the beautiful honey color, reminiscent of the tub of local Petite Jean honey in my pantry. It has a nose full of tropical fruit and orange with a little background straw/wheat characteristic. The first thing I noticed on my pallet was, sweet honey and tropical/orange with the malt and carbonation rounding it out giving that luxurious mouth feel, All capped off with a nice acidity. Exactly like a perfectly balanced dessert wine. The carbonation is cleansing to not let the sugar become so cloying. It finishes clean and crisp leaving you with round tropical malty loveliness. The only mistake I made with this one is opening it by myself. Once opened it must be drunk, so I did. Now I am left to think about my 30+ mile mountain bike ride tomorrow at 10am. On second thought it is totally worth it and the sip i just took verified that. You must go out and find this beer it is delicious, but hurry before it is all gone.


  1. where can we find this awesomeness in LR?

  2. @polymangler

    I'm sorry to say that Oklahoma City is the closest market that this beer is available. At least for all of the Little Rockiens. for that i apologize to little rock but i have to acknowledge readers in other locations.