Saturday, January 22, 2011


I'm afraid there is no story along with this BEER:30 review. I picked this porter simply because I love it and would say its one of my favorite porters of all time.  Well, I guess there is something else to talk about. I have a race coming up, it's the first race of the year. It's held in Mountain View, Arkansas, they call it the, "Sylamore 50k trail run". I ran this last year in 8:03:17, my goal time is set at 7:30. I really want to set a lower time goal but, i will shock myself if i do better than 7:30. Shaving 30 minutes in one year's time is a B.F.D. My excitement for Sylamore is almost too much to handle. The trail out in Mountain View makes this run spectacular. The fact that Sylamore was the first ultra I ever ran doesn't hurt its chances of staying in the top 5. Training is going very well and with the recent addition of a strict low calorie diet and daily yoga, I am feeling stronger than ever. The race is on February, 19th, 2011, one day after my 29th birthday. Be sure to keep on the lookout for the race report shortly after race day. 

Moylans Chelsea porter pours very dark black but held up to the lights you get some red hues. The head is dense with a cappuccino color. Already the beer is sexy and we haven't even smelled it. First thing that happens is the right jab of chocolate. When I say chocolate don't think heresy's bar, more like dark chocolate, bitter sweet and hints of berry. The second thing that struck my nose is coffee. These are very typical descriptions for a porter. If you've never had a porter, you may be thinking that this beer is going to be really bitter, thick, and strong. Well, it's not true. Chelsea porter has a nice carbonation that lightens all the strong bitter profiles in the nose. With that carbonation you really get to enjoy a clean coffee and chocolate flavor. It's not too cloying on your palette. This is not a beer that takes 20 minutes to drink nor is it a "i'll just have one" type of beer. Just a side note, Moylan's Chelsea Porter was just in BEER magazine and received 90/100 points in there rating section. Get out there and find this one while its cold. I would like to try something with those following along, my next BEER:30 will be the Moylan's White Christmas Spiced Winter Ale. It would be cool if you picked one of these up when your made the trip for Chelsea porter. This way we can start a discussion on what we all think about it. Let's make this interactive. I Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. GO BEARS!!

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